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We were inspired to create AppKnit, to enable subject matter experts to build robust, complex enterprise applications. AppKnit was founded by software and development experts with over 20 years of experience in ERP Systems workflow, automating business processes, and integrating disparate applications.

We looked for a platform on which we could develop the next generation of enterprise applications and were surprised to find nothing up to the task. Many organizations in the market boast about their Connector and Integration offerings, but when we looked under the covers, we found a mix of solutions that needed to be vastly improved.

The AppKnit platform enables Subject Matter Experts and IT the tools to integrate, connect and automate all of your ERP business processes. This process includes integrating data and systems, automating workflows and processes, and creating intelligent and easy-to-use experiences, all on the AppKnit platform.

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Ramesh Panchagnula

Ramesh Panchagnula

Ramesh Panchagnula, has over 25 years of experience in software development with PeopleSoft applications. As a former Technical Architect at PeopleSoft/Oracle, he has an extensive 23 years of experience working with PeopleSoft applications. Armed with his PeopleSoft development background and industry experience he co-founded SmartERP to provide efficient solutions to common application problems encountered by PeopleSoft customers. Ramesh is also an avid cricket player and very active organizing local cricket leagues.

Raghu Yelluru

Raghu Yelluru

Raghu Yelluru has over 25 years of experience in business applications, which includes over 20 years working with PeopleSoft applications and customers. During his nine years working at PeopleSoft/Oracle he held roles in global support and designed and developed many core PeopleSoft features as part of developing Financials, including receivables and general ledger modules. His vast development and functional knowledge brought him to co-found SmartERP where he was responsible for operations, product management and strategy.

Doris Wong

Doris Wong

Doris Wong has over 25 years of technical, product development and business experience in the enterprise software industry. Prior to joining SmartERP, she served as Oracle’s Group Vice President and General Manager, and was responsible for the entire PeopleSoft product line. A 20-year veteran working with PeopleSoft/Oracle products and customers, Doris also was responsible for the strategic direction and product development of the PeopleSoft product line, working with customers, partners, analysts, sales and services. Prior to PeopleSoft/Oracle, Doris spent 12 years working with ASK Computers, managing product development across all of their business applications and product lines. In addition to her product development and management experience, Doris brings with her a commitment and passion for delivering high-quality innovative solutions and satisfaction to customers.

Mohan Munirathinam

Mohan Munirathinam

Mohan Munirathinam has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, specifically in development and deployment of both packaged and custom business application software. Mohan served as- a Senior PeopleSoft Product Specialist for 10 years as a key member in the design and development of the PeopleSoft Financial line of products, and headed offshore product development initiatives of PeopleSoft Financials’ product line for Release 8.X. He has worked with many top-tier organizations including PeopleSoft, Cap Gemini, Voice Stream (now T-Mobile), United Insurance, Time Warner, US Technologies, ING and iGATE Global Solutions. Mohan has extensive experience with building new teams and offshore development centers, handling large customer engagements and is highly passionate about customer success. Mohan earned his master’s degree in engineering from the University of Kentucky.

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