You bring the business and market expertise…We bring the technology.

AppKnit allows your subject matter experts to perform all of the tasks developers have traditionally performed, without any knowledge of coding. All through an intuitive interface.

AppKnit is a no-code enterprise app development platform built for businesses.

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How AppKnit shapes itself to your ever-changing needs.

Build Your Own

Build Your Own

For less expense and time than the typical enterprise application sales process, implementation and customization, build the solution that addresses all of your corporate requirements.


Enables the perpetual evolution and upgrade of the platform as new technologies and methods are developed. This delivers best-in-breed for each component. You're not constrained to selecting a single app publisher's proprietary technology and language to solve all of your business challenges.


With cloud hosting and a wide range of subscription options, AppKnit is highly tailorable to your needs and those of your subscribers. Built for true enterprise application construction and delivery, AppKnit is in a class all our own.
Free To Build

Free To Build

As a member of the AppKnit community, you have unlimited access to our platform to build your applications, support and marketing. Don't pay until you are ready to publish.

Who benefits from AppKnit?


VP of Technology @ Fortune 500 company

These are the key features that made AppKnit the only solution to meet Anita’s needs:

Multiple Apps
They are deploying each of these as its own app because not all branches of the company will need all of them.

The company wants to embed their own brand and UX in every aspect of the applications.

Delivered APIs
They also use many off-the-shelf Apps and want to integrate seamlessly into them.

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CEO of Services Procurement consultancy

Using his firm’s nearly two decades of industry experience and expertise, Carlos is building a best-in-class services vendor management solution to address the shortcomings of the tools currently available. Existing solutions are hampered by outdated technology, a lack of flexibility and insufficient scalability. They will offer their app in the AppKnit Marketplace.

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Cofounder of HR Consulting firm

Mohan’s company serves medium to large corporations by implementing comprehensive HR solutions, including selecting the appropriate technology. All available HR packages have significant deficiencies and Mohan’s vision is to build the first truly universal HR solution.

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Director of IT for a business forms producer

The level of effort to build and maintain their large and growing library of tax, HR, proposal, sales and other business forms has become unmanageable. Building, maintaining and marketing their forms on the AppKnit platform will significantly reduce Susan’s level of effort and costs.

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HR Department Manager at Fortune 500 company

Marialuz’s company utilizes SAP HR and Oracle Project Management and require these systems to communicate seamlessly. There are no delivered APIs to facilitate the required degree of system interaction, so Marialuz is building a connector app to close the gap. Her employer will then offer the connector in the AppKnit Marketplace to other companies with similar requirements.

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VP of IT at global staffing company

Gerald’s company participates in hundreds of staffing programs globally, each using its own instance of Vendor Management Solutions (VMS). Gerald’s team is building a connector app that will allow their centralized staffing specialists to submit candidates to these programs with a single click from their own internal recruiting tool. This solution will cut their response time by over 60% and will enable tremendous growth without adding headcount.

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Experienced Integration Consultant/Developer

Leticia and her partners have identified a need in the marketplace for a connector app to serve as hub among multiple AppKnit-published recruiting and HR systems. By bringing these point solutions together they are helping other AppKnit authors to create comprehensive HR solutions.

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Department Manager at Fortune 1000 company

Alfredo’s company has a mature Oracle Cloud HR implementation and have found it does not fully accommodate their requirements around independent contractors (IC). They are building an extension to Oracle Cloud HR that handles the most complex IC requirements, while maintaining the user experience of a single app. Once built, this solution can also be offered for sale in the AppKnit Marketplace.

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